An interpretation of bits traveling across a network
I’ve just posted a network speed table to help you memorize the speeds of all the various connections. CompTIA is fond of asking a question on the A+ & Network+ tests involving a scenario where a given minimum bandwith is listed, and you must know which connection would be fast enough to meet their criteria. Thus, I’ve listed all of the connections mentioned in most A+ & Network+ certification books, and sorted them by typical speed.

I consider the Network Speed Table a work in progress and I’ll be updating it in the future. Particularly, CompTIA mentions other network types such as satellite, cellular, and Bluetooth, which the table does not include. When I update the table I’ll post a notification here on the front page. Additionally, the speeds listed include minimum, maximum, and typical speeds. For this information I drew from various sources, including A+ certification books, books for other CompTIA certifications including Network+ and Security+, and good old Wikipedia. As such there is certainly room for some, shall we say, discussion about the speeds. The speeds I list as typical are particularly open to interpretation and may conflict with your personal experience, but rest assured those numbers were not pulled out of a hat. They were pulled out of Wikipedia. I know that’s not an authoritative source, but that way I know if you and I have a disagreement over them, then other geeks have already had the same disagreement and the result you see on the table is the result the Wikipedia-editing geek community has come to rest on (for now). However some of the other numbers were drawn straight from CompTIA A+ & Network+ certification books, and I’ve been around enough to know those numbers aren’t always accurate, even though they ought to be. Heck, sometimes two different books don’t agree with each other, even though they have each gone though a supposedly authoritative vetting process. Therefore, if you find an inaccuracy in the table, or have any suggested addition or edit, leave it in the comments!