You can make backups, but if you can’t restore from them you’re just wasting your time. This clip, according to the Pixar employees who made it, is 99% true. An admin at Pixar ran RM* (a UNIX/Linux command to remove everything) on the wrong server—the one storing Toy Story 2. They thought, no problem, we’ll just restore from backups! When they attempted to do so they found the backups they had been making for the last month were corrupt. Which begs the question how many “@” symbols are there in “Oh #@$%!!” The moral of the story is perform a periodic test restoration of your backups, just to make sure you can. Even on my own home system I periodically do that. It may seem paranoid to some, but you aren’t being paranoid if they really are out to get you. And Mr. Murphy, armed with his infernal law, is out to get you … and your data.

Hat tip to Rob Huddleston for putting me onto the video.