Excel Spreadsheet of Security+ Objectives Map


In the CompTIA Security+ classes I teach I have been using courseware from Axzo Press. There are a lot of things I like about it, but one thing missing is an appendix mapping the course content to CompTIA’s Security+ objectives. So if a student takes a practice test that informs him to study, for example Domain 3.6, the student has to scour the index to find all pertinent course topics that cover that domain. Complicating matters, the index lacks many terms found in the objectives, leaving the student wondering where to turn for information.

However Axzo has helpfully put a table at the beginning of each topic listing which points from the Security+ objectives are covered in the following pages. I’ve compiled that information into an Excel spreadsheet in the .xlsx filetype, and formatted it as a table so it is easy to sort & filter. Students can download the spreadsheet & use it as a study aid.